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Strain-programmable fiber-based artificial muscle

M. Kanik, S. Orguc, G. Varnavides, J. Kim, T. Benavides, D. Gonzalez, T. Akintilo, C.C. Tasan, A.P. Chandrakasan, Y. Fink, P. Anikeeva
Science 365 (2019) 145-150.
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Tracking microstructure evolution in complex multi-axial strain paths: A bulge test methodology

E. Plancher, K. Qu, N. H. Vonk, M. Gorji, T. Tancogne-Dejean, C.C. Tasan
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Overview of metastability and compositional complexity effects for hydrogen-resistant iron alloys: Inverse austenite stability effects​

M. Koyama, C.C. Tasan, K. Tsuzaki
Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 214(2019), 123-133.

Interstitial-free bake hardening realized by epsilon martensite back-transformation

S.L. Wei, M. Jiang, C.C. Tasan
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, Accepted (2019).


Fatigue resistance of laminated and non-laminated TRIP-maraging steels: Crack roughness vs. tensile strength

Z. Zhang, M. Koyama, M-M. Wang, C.C. Tasan, H. Noguchi
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 50 (2019) 1142-1145.

Engineering atomic-level complexity in high-entropy and complex concentrated alloys

H.S. Oh, S. J. Kim, W. H. Ryu, K. N. Yoon, K. Odbadrakh, M. Sai, F. Körmann, Y. Ikeda, C. C. Tasan, D. Raabe, T. Egami, E. S. Park
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Boundary micro-cracking in metastable Fe45Mn35Co10Cr10 high-entropy alloys

S.L. Wei, J. Kim, C. C Tasan 
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Microstructural damage sensitivity prediction using spatial statistics

B. Cameron, C.C. Tasan
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Microstructural and micro-mechanical characterization during hydrogen charging: An in situ scanning electron microscopy study

J. Kim,  C.C. Tasan
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Phase stability effects on hydrogen embrittlement resistance in martensite – reverted austenite steels

B. Cameron, M. Koyama, C.C. Tasan
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 50(2018), 29-30.

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Multiphase Iron-Steel Objects from Medieval Anatolian Seljuks: Classification and Production Techniques

Ü. Güder, C. C. Tasan, A. Yavas.
Archaeologicke Rozhledy, 70 (2018), 483-493.

Metastability in High Entropy Alloys: a Review

S.L. Wei, F. He, C.C. Tasan
Journal of Materials Research, 33(2018), 2924-2937.

Multiresolution mechanical characterization of hierarchical materials: Spherical nanoindentation on martensitic Fe-Ni-C steels

A. Khosravani, L. Morsdorf, C.C. Tasan, S. Kalidindi
Acta Materialia, 153(2018), 257-269.

Experimental–numerical study on strain and stress partitioning in bainitic steels with martensite–austenite constituents

N. Fujita, N. shikawa, F. Roters, C.C. Tasan, D. Raabe
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Partial recrystallization of gum metal to achieve enhanced strength and ductility

J.-L. Zhang, C.C. Tasan, M.J. Lai, D. Yan, D. Raabe
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Designing duplex, ultrafine-grained Fe-Mn-Al-C steels by tuning phase transformation and recrystallization kinetics

J.-L. Zhang, D. Raabe, C.C. Tasan
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Preventing damage and redeposition during focused ion beam milling: the “umbrella” method

T. Vermeij, E. Plancher, C.C. Tasan
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Interfacial hydrogen localization in austenite/martensite dual-phase steel visualized through optimized silver decoration and scanning Kelvin probe force microscopy

M. Koyama, T. Nagashima, B. Asif, M. Rohwerder, C.C. Tasan, E. Akiyama, K. Tsuzaki, D. Raabe
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Effects of martensitic transformability and dynamic strain-age-hardenability on plasticity in metastable austenitic steels containing carbon

T. Ogawa, M. Koyama, C.C. Tasan, K. Tsuzaki, H. Noguchi
Journal of Materials Science, 52 (2017) 7868-7882.

Effects of lamella size and connectivity on fatigue crack resistance of TRIP-maraging steel

Z. Zhao, M. Koyama, M. Wang, K. Tsuzaki, C.C. Tasan, H. Noguchi
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A TRIP-assisted dual-phase high-entropy alloys: Grain size and phase fraction dependences of deformation behavior

Z. Li, C.C. Tasan, K.G. Pradeep, D. Raabe
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Recent Progress in Microstructural Hydrogen Mapping in Steels: Quantification, Kinetic Analysis, and Multi-Scale Characterization

M. Koyama, M. Rohwerder, C.C. Tasan, A. Bashir, E. Akiyama, K. Takai, D. Raabe, K. Tsuzaki
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Martensite size effects on damage in quenching and partitioning steels

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Bone-like crack resistance in hierarchical metastable nanolaminate steels

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In-situ observation of silver-decoration evolution under hydrogen permeation: effects of grain misorientation on hydrogen flux in pure iron

M. Koyama, D. Yamasaki, T. Nagashima,  C.C. Tasan, K. Tsuzaki, 
Scripta Materialia 129 (2017) 48-51. 

Interstitial atoms enable joint twinning and transformation induced plasticity in strong and ductile high-entropy alloys

Z. Li, C.C. Tasan, H. Springer, B. Gault, D. Raabe, 
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Complexion-mediated martensitic phase transformation in Titanium

J. Zhang, C.C. Tasan, M.J. Lai, A-C. Dippel, D. Raabe, 
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Multiple mechanisms of lath martensite plasticity

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On the mechanism of 332 twinning in metastable β-titanium alloys

M. Lai, C.C. Tasan, D. Raabe
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From electronic structure to phase diagrams: A bottom-up approach to understand the stability of titanium–transition metal alloys 

L-F. Huang, J. Zhang, M-J. Lai, C.C. Tasan, S. Sandloebes, D. Raabe, J. Neugebauer
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Spectral TRIP enables ductile 1.1 GPa martensite

M-M. Wang, C.C. Tasan, D. Ponge, D. Raabe
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Metastable high entropy dual phase alloys overcome the strength-ductility trade-off

Z. Li, K.G. Pradeep, Y. Deng, D. Raabe, C.C. Tasan
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Self-Healing metals

B. Grabowski and C.C. Tasan,
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Hydrogen-assisted damage in austenite/martensite dual-phase steel

M. Koyama, C.C. Tasan, T. Nagashima, E. Akiyama, D. Raabe, K. Tsuzaki
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Multi-probe microstructure tracking during heat treatment without an in-situ setup: Case studies on martensitic steel, dual phase steel and β-Ti alloy

J.-L. Zhang, L. Morsdorf, C.C. Tasan
Materials Characterization, 111 (2016) 137-146.


Non-equiatomic high entropy alloys: Approach towards rapid alloy screening and property-oriented design

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From high entropy alloys to high entropy steels

D. Raabe, C.C. Tasan, H. Springer, M. Bausch
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Deformation mechanism of Ti-Nb-based gum metal: Dislocation channeling and deformation induced ω-β transformation

M. Lai, C.C. Tasan, D. Raabe
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Phase stability of non-equiatomic CoCrFeMnNi high entropy alloys

D. Ma, M.J. Yao, K.G. Pradeep, C.C. Tasan, H. Springer, D. Raabe
Acta Materialia, 98 (2015) 288-296.


Retardation of plastic instability via damage-enabled micro-strain de-localization

J.P.M. Hoefnagels, C.C. Tasan, R. Peters, F. Maresca, V. Kouznetsova
Journal of Materials Science, 50 (2015) 6882-6897.


Enhancing hydrogen embrittlement resistance of lath martensite by introducing nano-films of interlath austenite

M-M. Wang, C.C. Tasan, M. Koyama, D. Ponge, D. Raabe
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 46 (2015) 3797-3802.


High resolution in-situ mapping of microstrain and microstructure evolution reveals damage resistance criteria in dual phase steels

D. Yan, C.C. Tasan, D. Raabe
Acta Materialia, 96 (2015) 399-409.


Damage resistance in gum metal through cold-work induced microstructural heterogeneity

J-L. Zhang, C.C. Tasan, M. Lai, J. Zhang, D. Raabe
Journal of Materials Science, 50 (2015) 5694.


3D structural and atomic-scale analysis of lath martensite: effect of the transformation sequence

L. Morsdorf, C.C. Tasan, D. Ponge, D. Raabe
Acta Materialia, 95 (2015) 366-377.


An overview of dual phase steels: Advances in microstructure-oriented processing and micromechanically-guided design

C.C. Tasan, M. Diehl, D. Yan, M. Bechtold, F. Roters, L. Schemmann, C. Zheng, N. Peranio, D. Ponge, M. Koyama, K. Tsuzaki, D. Raabe
Annual Review of Materials Research, 45 (2015) 19.1-19.41.


Design of a twinning-induced plasticity high entropy alloy

Y. Deng, C.C. Tasan, K.G. Pradeep, H. Springer, A. Kostka, D. Raabe
Acta Materialia, 94 (2015) 124-133.


Origin of shear induced β to ω transition in Ti-Nb-based alloys

M. Lai, C.C. Tasan, J. Zhang, B. Grabowski, L.Huang, D. Raabe
Acta Materialia, 92 (2015) 55-63.


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A novel roll bonding methodology for the cross-scale analysis of phase properties and interactions in multiphase structural materials

H. Springer, C.C. Tasan, D. Raabe
International Journal of Materials Research, 106 (2015) 3-14.


Nano-laminate TRIP-TWIP steel with dynamic strain partitioning and enhanced damage resistance

M-M. Wang, C.C. Tasan, D. Ponge, Ann-Christin Dippel, D. Raabe
Acta Materialia, 85 (2015) 216-228.



Integrated experimental-simulation analysis of stress and strain partitioning in multi-phase alloys

C.C. Tasan, M. Diehl, D. Yan, C. Zambaldi, P. Shantraj, F. Roters, D. Raabe
Acta Materialia, 81 (2014) 386-400.


Smaller is less stable: size effects on twinning vs. transformation of reverted austenite in TRIP maraging steels

M-M. Wang, C.C. Tasan, D. Ponge, A. Kostka, D. Raabe
Acta Materialia, 79 (2014) 268-281.


Composition dependence of phase stability, deformation mechanisms and mechanical properties of the CoCrFeMnNi high entropy alloy system

C.C. Tasan, Y. Deng, K.G. Pradeep, M.J. Yao, H. Springer, D. Raabe
JOM, 66,10 (2014) 1993-2001.


Strain localization and damage in dual phase steels investigated by coupled in-situ deformation experiments-crystal plasticity simulations

C.C. Tasan, J.P.M. Hoefnagels, M. Diehl, D. Yan, F. Roters, D. Raabe
International Journal of Plasticity 63 (2014) 198-210.


Hydrogen-assisted decohesion and localized plasticity in dual-phase steel

M. Koyama, C.C. Tasan, E. Akiyama, K. Tsuzaki, D. Raabe
Acta Materialia, 70 (2014) 174.


A novel, single phase, non-equiatomic FeMnNiCoCr high-entropy alloy with exceptional phase stability and tensile ductility

M.J. Yao, K.G. Pradeep, C.C. Tasan, D. Raabe
Scripta Materialia, 72 (2014) 5.


Enhanced superplasticity in an Al-alloyed multicomponent Mn-Si-Cr-C steel

H. Zhang, K.G. Pradeep, S. Mandal, D. Ponge, P. Choi, C.C. Tasan, D. Raabe
Acta Materialia, 63 (2014) 232.



On dislocation involvement in Ti-Nb gum metal plasticity

E. Plancher, C.C. Tasan, S. Sandloebes, D. Raabe
Scripta Materialia, 68 (2013) 805.



Identification of the continuum damage parameter: An experimental challenge in modelling damage evolution

C.C. Tasan, J.P.M. Hoefnagels, M.G.D. Geers
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A micropillar compression methodology for ductile damage quantification

C.C. Tasan, J.P.M. Hoefnagels, M.G.D. Geers
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Multi-axial deformation setup for microscopic testing of sheet metal to fracture

C.C. Tasan, J.P.M. Hoefnagels, E.C.A. Dekkers, M.G.D. Geers
Exp. Mechanics, 52 (2012) 669.


Before 2010

Indentation-based damage quantification revisited

C.C. Tasan, J.P.M. Hoefnagels, M.G.D. Geers
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Microstructural banding effects clarified through micrographic digital image correlation

C.C. Tasan, J.P.M. Hoefnagels, M.G.D. Geers
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A critical assessment of indentation-based ductile damage quantification

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Experimental analysis of strain path dependent ductile damage mechanics and forming limits

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A brittle-fracture method for 3D visualization of ductile deformation micromechanisms

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Mechanical performance of resol type phenolic resin/layered silicate nanocomposites

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Effects of prod. param. on the struc. of resol type phenolic resin/layered silicate nanocomposites

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Devices and Methods for Holding a Sample for Multi-axial Testing

Plancher, E., C.C. Tasan, H.K. Vonk, K. Qu
U.S. Patent Application No.:  62/641,961, (2018).  


In situ H-charging set-up for microstructural and mechanical analysis in SEM and other microscopes

J. Kim and C.C. Tasan
U.S. Patent Application No.:  62/674,516, (2018).