Submitted Manuscripts

Laser-induced toughening inhibits cut-edge failure in multi-phase steel

J.P.M. Hoefnagels, C. Du, C.C. Tasan

Enhancing strain hardening capacity by tuning dislocation glide mode: A case study of two stable face centered cubic high entropy alloys

F. He, J. L. Cann, Z. Wang, J. Wang, C.C. Tasan

Diffraction-based misorientation mapping: A continuum mechanics description

S-S. Rui, L-S. Niu, H-J. Shi, S.L. Wei, C.C. Tasan

TiNi nanoprecipitate mechanical stability explored by nanoindentation pop-in analysis

R.X. Wang, J.L. Cann, C.C. Tasan

Martensite mechanical response in quenching and partitioning steels

M-M. Wang, J-C. Hell, C.C. Tasan

High entropy alloys: A focused review of mechanical properties and deformation mechanism

E.P. George, W.A. Curtin, C.C. Tasan